Overhead-to-Underground Conversion for Florida A&M University (Tallahassee, Florida)

When its campus power system reached full life expectancy, Florida A&M University selected FW&A to design over $10 million in campus-wide electrical upgrades. The two-phase project replaced a predominantly 5kV overhead system with a 15kV underground system. FW&A designed the new underground duct and manhole system and installation of all associated cable, transformers and switchgear. The project also included design of a new switchgear building, a new power metering system and electrical modifications in 23 buildings.

Design of System-wide Underground Cable and Equipment Replacement for NASA (Kennedy Space Center, Florida)

An extensive underground distribution network emerges from the C5 and Orsino substations, feeding power to the 6,000-acre section of KSC that supports shuttle launch operations. FW&A designed a complete renovation of this medium-voltage cable/ductbank system, replacing all electrical equipment and modifying the duct and manhole configurations. Construction costs for the multi-phase endeavor exceeded $20 million.

Other campus-oriented electrical design projects include:

  • Design of Medium-voltage Equipment Relocation and Upgrades for General Growth Properties (Jacksonville, Florida)
  • Design of 15kV Feeder and Equipment Upgrades for the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Tallahassee, Florida)
  • Design of 4.16kV New Overhead Line between Buildings for Georgia Pacific (Palatka, Florida)
  • Design of New 480V Electrical System for Pier, Bulkhead and Dry Dock (Jacksonville, Florida)
  • Design of 12.47kV Underground Distribution Expansion to Capitol Circle Office Complex