For more than 10 years, Fred Wilson & Associates has provided engineering services to JEA, the municipal utility service provider for Jacksonville, Florida. The nation’s eighth largest public utility calls on FW&A to perform electrical and civil design for constructible projects in the city’s electrical transmission and distribution system as well as its water/sewer infrastructure.

The following projects reflect the diversity of FW&A’s engineering history with JEA.

Design of New 230kV Mt. Pleasant Substation

A three-percent annual growth rate in electrical needs for JEA’s 900-square-mile service area demands constant expansion of the utility’s power system. As a part of this expansion, JEA built the 230kV/26.4kV Mt. Pleasant Substation to improve service reliability to customers on the east side of the city. The utility selected FW&A to provide comprehensive engineering services for the $4.6 million project, which included three SF6 circuit breakers in a breaker-and-a-half bus arrangement (fed by two FW&A-designed 230kV line taps) and two 50MVA transformers. The new substation feeds directly into a 26.4kV underground distribution system.

Design of Relaying Upgrades for Distribution Automation

In order to increase power quality and reliability to its 100 largest customers, JEA initiated a 26.4kV system-wide distribution automation program. The utility selected FW&A to design protective relaying upgrades in 27 substations for all main and critical-load feeders and to interface the upgraded relaying with JEA’s SCADA system. The project also included new load tap changing equipment (LTCs) and power meters on 86 transformers.

Design of Relocated 230kV Transmission Line

When the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) decided to add another exit to Interstate 10, JEA selected FW&A to design the relocation of Circuit 944, a 230kV transmission line that ran across FDOT’s proposed construction site. The project required 24 spun-cast concrete poles with an H-frame structure at each point where the line changed direction. The H-frames will provide strength for a future 230kV line that will be added to the poles in a double-circuit configuration. FW&A also designed a patrol road along the right-of-way that provides access for future construction and maintenance crews.

Design of Electric and Water Utility Upgrades on Main Street

As part of a community-wide restoration project, JEA coordinated with several other agencies to improve the Springfield Historic District just north of downtown Jacksonville. The utility selected FW&A to design electrical, water and wastewater upgrades in conjunction with a 12-block roadway improvement project on Main St. FW&A designed an overhead-to-underground electrical conversion, which included a voltage upgrade from 4.16kV to 26.4kV. FW&A also designed the relocation of the area’s water and wastewater lines.

JEA’s utility systems provide electric power to more than 400,000 customers and potable water to more than 240,000 customers. Fred Wilson & Associates proudly supports JEA’s effort to surpass all of its customers’ expectations.