Overhead-to-Underground Conversion on Main Street for JEA (Jacksonville, Florida)

As part of a community-wide restoration project, JEA coordinated with several other agencies to improve the Springfield Historic District just north of downtown Jacksonville. The utility selected FW&A to design electrical, water and wastewater upgrades in conjunction with a 12-block roadway improvement project on Main St. FW&A designed an overhead-to-underground electrical conversion, which included a voltage upgrade from 4.16kV to 26.4kV. FW&A also designed the relocation of the area’s water and wastewater lines.

Overhead-to-Underground Conversion for Beaches Energy Services (Neptune Beach, Florida)

Seeking to improve electrical service and support community beautification efforts, Beaches Energy Services selected FW&A to design an overhead-to-underground distribution conversion that encompassed more than 60 city blocks. The $1 million project replaced the existing 4.16kV overhead radial system with a 26.4kV underground loop-fed system, which improved reliability, fault isolation and system restoration. In order to minimize construction damage to the surrounding community, FW&A designed the cable/conduit for installation by directional boring.

In addition to numerous other distribution design projects for JEA and Beaches Energy Services, FW&A has extensive distribution experience for the electric utility service of Reedy Creek Improvement District and for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.  FW&A has also designed several substantial distribution projects for Lakeland Electric and Ft. Pierce Utilities Authority.