Fred Wilson & Associates provides electric utilities with engineering services for new and upgraded transmission line projects using industry tools such as PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE (with Wood, Steel and Concrete modules). The firm specializes in providing solutions for urban/suburban projects with complex right-of-way constraints, clearance requirements and underbuilt distribution.

Transmission engineering services include:

  • Overhead and underground line design
  • Underbuilt distribution
  • Upgrades such as voltage conversion and reconductoring for line uprating
  • Design of wood, steel and concrete support structures
  • PLS-CADD design using aerial photography, Laser Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) surveys and terrain modeling
  • Sag and tension calculations
  • Route selection
  • Assistance with right-of-way acquisition
  • Permitting
  • Access/patrol road design
  • Electromagnetic field (EMF) calculations
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